Coco Coins/Pellets 40 mm Dia (Pack of 10)


Coco Coins/Pellets 40 mm Dia (Pack of 10)


Coco pellets are an alternative to traditional soil for gardening and horticultural purposes

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Cocopeat Net plugs, also known as Coco peat Coins and Coco Pellets, are used for seed germination and saplings for Gardening, Hydroponics and Aquaponics


Size: 42 mm Diameter

Weight of each Coin: 8 Grams

Weight of 10 Pack:  80 grams

        Also known as coconut coir pellets, Coco peat Coins, Net plugs, Cocopeat, Coco coins, coco pellets

  •   Coco peat Coins are made from 100% bio-degradable coco coir.
  •   Coco Coins have a neutral pH, typically ranging from 5.5 to 6.5, which is ideal for most         plants
  •   Coco pellets are convenient to handle and use for seed germination and seedling
  •   The product image shows that Coco coins are covered with air-pruning netted cloth.
  •   Drop the Coco coins and expand several times when it is soaked in water, then make a        small hole, place the seed, and cover it with coir.
  •   Water regularly until the seed germinates
  •   Coco coins retain moisture for a longer time and improve the germination percentage.
  •   Using Coco Peat coins gives better and faster germination.
  •   After a few days of transplanting the sapling into a bigger container.
  •   Seedlings in coco pellets can be easily transplanted without disturbing the plant’s root system.

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